Before and After: Our Bedroom

The room that sold us on our house was the master bedroom. As soon as you enter the room from the top of the stairs, all you see is the lake. This is worth everything. Windows among windows, the sun beams directly into the entire room. One would think being woken up by the rays of sunshine at 6am every day is a killer but it has given Andy and I the opportunity to start each day by completing the smallest of goals. Whether it’s hitting the gym first thing, kayaking in our backyard, or studying, we start the day off with a positive attitude which sets forth the rest of the day.

I went off on a tangent but it was totally worth it!

The designing process for me began once we purchased the house. We were not even moved in yet and I knew where I wanted our bed to be facing, the water.

When I was researching bedroom ideas from Pinterest and other bloggers, I found that I loved a photo collage for behind the bed, neutral bedding, and a nice bench at the end of our bed.

For behind the bed, I wanted black and white photos from one of our favorite experiences, our trip to Joshua Tree National Park.

We had just gone to Joshua Tree in October 2017 and we fell in love. This is a place that you could go for days, have barely any cell phone reception and enjoy one of the most beautiful places in North America. (I will go more in detail on this in another blog 🧗🏻‍♀️🌵) We decided to use two of our pictures from there behind our bed and then we put two more in our hallway.

We used my old bed from Crate and Barrel (they still have it on sale here: ). We bought neutral bedding, found a nice black and white bench for the end of the bed and warmed it up by layering it with a faux fur cover.

We are still working on the bedroom but for now it is a peace of serenity when you walk in. Whether it’s waking up to rain or sun, falling asleep watching the planes land, or just laying there taking everything in at the moment, I realize that nothing could get better than this (yet)!



Cortney ❤️

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