5 Pieces to Invest in before you turn 30

With one more year in my twenties, it is time to start investing in pieces for the home. Yes, we have all had the mismatched bowls, glasses, the couch that has been through everything and the bedding that we have picked up somewhere cheap. But let’s admit it, adult life is here and there is no escaping it. #Adultlife

Here are five items you should invest in to help you succeed in the adult world.


Get rid of the used and stained couch that has gotten you through college and invest in a piece that you can enjoy coming home to after a long work day.

Shop Here:West Elm


Time to invest a matching set! Get rid of the miss matched bowls and plates that we all got as hand me downs!

Shop here: Crate and Barrel


We’ve been through I think two vacuums in two houses, I am ready to spend a little more money on something that will definitely last longer. This vacuum is great for pets too! I am picking up Milo’s fur constantly!

Shop Here: Dyson


These sheets I am saving my money for because of the reviews say anything it’s that these are the sheets to have. Always go for the higher thread count. The higher the thread count the better night you will sleep!

Shop Here: Parachute Home


A mattress is just something we will all eventually need so save up and get yourself one that will last you years. We all know now that we are getting older, we all need as much sleep as we can get!

Shop Here: Casper

Until next time ❤️


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