Living room (before and after)

When we moved in, nothing major had to be redone. However, I have my growing list of how we could make it ours. First up was the living room. When we saw this room there was nothing in it but hard wood floors and wall to wall windows looking out onto the deck and over the lake. Beautiful. I knew I wanted our living room to be a place where we can come home from a long day of work and just feel at home.


My sense of design is very simple, minimalistic, and cozy. I love grey, white, and tan colors with a mixture of architectural pieces such as metal, lots of texture, and wood.

The first piece that I knew had to go into the living room was a piece of art from Restoration Hardware. A abstract picture of New York City, made up of straight lines. The detail in itself stands out in the room alone. For our couch, I had found the perfect one at Crate and Barrel. However, since we just purchased a house and barely had any more money saved, I had to look else where. We found our couch at Jordan’s Furniture. When I sit down on the couch, I have a very hard time getting up. It is amazing and worth every penny. Once I knew the couch was all set, it was pretty easy from here knowing how I wanted the room to feel. We purchased our coffee table at Crate and barrel because to be honest I fell in love with the piece. A raw edged solid acacia wood with butterfly joints and a steel base, this coffee table added the warmth to this room that it needed. If I was working with a grey wall and a tan couch I knew I had to add some wood pieces to make it complete. Once that was complete I ran to home goods (favorite store-just for the finds) and found our rug. I added a few accent pieces from target and home goods. I tried not bringing out my entire collection of books or whatever was laying around. I wanted the room to be very minimal and cozy.


There are still some projects I need to work on in the living room such as the lighting and adding some texture behind the couch. But for being in our home for three months, I already know I’m home.



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