Our First Home

If you told me four years ago that I would have purchased my first house on a lake with the love of my life, I would have said you were crazy. But it happened! We started saving for at least a year and a half and by the time September 2017 came around, we started looking at houses. We knew we were not ready to move until the winter (our lease was up then) but we wanted to see what was out in the market for our price range. Believe me, have a price range and do not settle. You want to feel at peace when you finally settled and you do not need to be stressing everyday about paying your high mortgage for a house you do not even love.

From September 2017 to November 2017, we went to 30 or more house showings and countless Zillow accounts daily. When our friends tell us that they purchased their house on the first one they saw, we couldn’t believe it and are beyond happy for them. However, we were not so lucky. Every house we walked into had something wrong or it didn’t give us that feeling that of home. We had put in two offers on two houses and they fell through and I glad they did!

It was middle of November when we found our house. I had received an email from our real estate agent (she was amazing btw) with a list of suggested houses in our price range. The first one that was on the list was a lake house. Now a lake house was on our bucket list but we knew not until maybe our late 30’s or 40’s would that happen. But I sent the post to Andy to see what he thought. We both secretly loved it but did not want to get our hopes up. We scheduled a showing for two days later. We started our drive from where we were renting (a quick ten minute drive) and came along a den end dirt road. As soon as you parked next to the house, all you see is lake and woods. Peace. We knew we loved it that minute.

The entire home is designed like my dream home. Yes, it needs updating in a few areas and our design touch to make it ours but it was perfect. Two bedroom, one and a half bath over looking the lake. Modern, simple, and with a little inspiration our nordic home away from Norway.

Follow along with my blog to see my inspiration and designs come to life!


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